I help ambitious artists learn how to build confidence and create sales.

Create a world where you’ve got the ultimate freedom to do what you love.

You want to earn money to help support your family with your art, but you are...

  • Mostly just getting comments from artists telling you your work is lovely (or critiquing it for you!) instead of getting real leads from buyers interested in your work.
  • Clueless where to spend your time and how to promote yourself. You just spent six hours editing the photos on your website and writing a blog post, but only 25 people have visited your site this month. Now what??
  • Not getting enough sleep at night because a pesky voice keeps saying, "Are you even a real artist"?

Here’s what I know:

YOU are an artist. YOU have creativity in your bones and something real to share with the world.

It’s not your fault that the general online marketing advice doesn’t vibe with your creative soul. I’ve melded those two worlds together really well -- because marketing is my art form.

When you learn how to radiate YOU and put your focus in the most productive place, you can find the right people who want to buy your art.

Let me help you create a brand strategy that's both inspired and authentic so you can bring your art career to life.


I had a total breakthrough to understand who my Ideal Art Buyer really is so I can connect with them on a deeper level by talking about things I am interested in already.

It seems like a no brainer, but I couldn't figure it out on my own.

Jessica taught me to curate my captions to connect with my Ideal Art Buyer, similar to the way I have always curated the photos to rotate and look beautiful as I work on a new collection.

- Deeann Rieves, full-time artist


Niha hadn’t sold art in over four years. She had only 10 hours a week to make and sell her art because she is a busy mom of two with things to do... obviously! She had no email list and about 1000 followers on Instagram.

Within three months of working with me, she sold 12 paintings and 2 commissions, making $2700+.

"Now I'm making good money, giving to charity, buying some cool stuff for myself and time planning like a pro, almost!"

- Niha Nathersa, New art business


I used to have a fear of marketing. It was quite scary to think I had to be good at it. After six weeks with Jessica, It feels enjoyable and lovely instead of a big, ugly practice I have to force myself to do. It’s easy now, I can just do it!

My followers feel like friends and I’m averaging a 38% engagement rate on my posts!

- Jacqueline Bonay, New art business


Within two months, I went from resenting writing, to celebrating how it gives a voice to my art and my brand. Now I post and send emails regularly, and people are always telling me how much they love my brand.

- Tricia Caracappa, New art business